EdCounsel Guide Service

A public school district cannot succeed without a good set of rules. Without a simple, accessible, legally-appropriate set of rules that are written for the stakeholders who will use them, a district will struggle.


Why EGS?


Most Missouri public school districts have grown dissatisfied with the options available for developing and maintaining the myriad of rules necessary to run a school district.


Board policies have become overwhelming—typically bloated with unnecessary, redundant legalese that must be frequently updated by the Board. Moreover, districts have become afraid to make their own district policies for fear that customizing district policies will require expensive legal review. As a result, many boards of education have relinquished local control of their school.

The difficulties experienced at the Board level are compounded at the administrative level. School administrators are expected to develop detailed administrative procedures for district operations that elaborate on the already lengthy and cumbersome board policies. Each year administrators must then filter through the applicable board policies and administrative procedures to create and maintain employee manuals for professional and support staff members. Similarly, administrators are expected to create and maintain handbooks for students and parents that incorporate district rules applicable to them.


Unfortunately, all of this can lead to school rules that are not readily accessible to the people who must know and follow those rules.


With this in mind, EdCounsel has developed a new approach for our clients. Based upon our service to more than forty percent of Missouri’s public schools in legal and school governance matters, we have developed a new system for Missouri’s public school districts—the EdCounsel Guide Service (EGS).

A new, simpler approach to your District's guiding documents.
EdCounsel serves over 200 Missouri Public School Districts.